The Flower Of life

You might want to Read My Last Post About this first, It might help this one make more sense.

I’m Sure just about all of you reading are somewhat familiar with that Piece Of Geometry. You can’t even mention sacred geometry without seeing it. It is on temple walls across the world. Oh, Isn’t it so amazing? Well, Personally, there is something very ‘off’ about it. And most of new-age spirituality, for that matter. You have to be carefull what the heck you actually end up channelling! And it seems none of them really were careful enough! As for me, I don’t need to channel. I have my higher self on speed-dial. It doesn’t always answer though. But hey, They do that. and that’s just part of the game we play. So After doing hours and hours of research (instead of whining about it), I found this site, and a few others. They were talking about what they called “Metatronic Distortion”.

go have a read if you want. And based on the information, I made a new flower of life :). Don’t even ask how many hours I spent. oh, and a new Metatron’s cube. I dubbed it “Eltron’s Tesseract”. Not really sure why :P. But honestly, I’m not really sure if I should put them here or not. Tell me what you think. I only made a small change, mind you. but it did make a world of difference. I used 8 spheres at 45 degrees instead of the usual 6 set apart at 60. okay, have a snippet: I also Thought about the Chinese I-ching for a bit. That has 8 sides. 8 Also Represents Infinity. So yeah. TrigramChart

Can you see the pentagrams that are formed? (well, it is still there, but you know…) instead of the Trinity? It is really interesting.’

I actually still have heaps of work to do on it before it is finished anyway. So Please Tell Me if you want to see them. I’m happy to show you, I’m just not sure If I’m supposed too. Hmm. I don’t want to mess ascension up! But the difference in the pattern is astounding. the normal pattern just keeps on repeating, but this changes. Okay, I give in. Please Don’t steal my work. (As Long as you give credit, I don’t mind)

Sphere Flowers Metatronic vs Krystal
6-petaled flower on the left, eight on the right.
Flower Of Life Metatronic (Spheres
(the Old One) Same geometry as before, but with transparency and different shading.)

So, Maybe it is time now? I don’t really know. Okay, I’m going to go work on it some more. Tell me if you want to see the rest of it. Okay, I’ve added Another part of it. Thanks for liking it!

Flower Of Life Krystal (Spheres

Eltron's Tesseract 2
New Metatron’s Cube. Accuracy Is Unknown. I’m just winging it.

Now, Can I just point something out? Most of nature does not actually follow this pattern. It is still running on the artificial geometry. 😦 So if you can’t see it there, it is because it isn’t there! :). Now I need to go and do the Whole Metatron’s cube again. Gaah.

Flower Of life Twelvefold Geometry (Spheres)
Twelve petalled Flower of life. It is much more interesting. And really does look like a flower.
Eight-Petaled Flower
(Eight Petaled Flower) I’ve Edited so there is just the Edges. It looks kinda weird now! haha. Strange thing is, it still has the 3 and 3. There is just a bias towards the outer ones.

Eh, And the New “Cube” (it isn’t a cube) it is really confusing!). Messed Around with 12 spheres. I got a very interesting result. (above you!)

I have figured Out the New Configuration. It is interesting. You see, these new “patterns” Are actually fractals. They multiply. I have stopped at the point where this happens though. Life is always moving, changing right? Well, This “Metatronic” Geometry Is no Fractal. It is static. One can only conclude that it is unnatural and not alive. I hate looking at it, always have. A perversion, really. have a look at this tree fractal:Fractal_tree_bbc

Update. Have refined the new flower a bit. Made Side by side comparison:Old Flower Vs New Flower

Krystic Flower
Look, It’s arty!

And Just for Fun, I made this: